July 13, 2020

A Big Welcome to Eternal 80s Radio!

We would like to take this moment to welcome Eternal 80s Radio to the Creek Valley Radio family of stations. Known for the great mix of music they have brought listeners throughout the years, they have joined Creek Valley Radio so their brand can be expanded and brought to more listeners where the love of 80s music exists.

At this time, Eternal 80s Radio is going under a renovation with their website in order to make it bigger and better for 80s lovers everywhere! Check back here for updates for Eternal 80s Radio, or visit www.eternal80sradio.com for further updates!

Again, we look forward to bringing you great 80s music which you will be able to enjoy at any minute during the day. All pure 80s music from the U.S. and U.K. 24/7/365! 80s lovers rejoice as your time for a great mix of 80s music is coming!